Prolonged Screen Use during COVID-19 can Trigger Headaches & Migraine

Prolonged Screen Use during COVID-19 can Trigger Headaches & Migraine

As we adapt to the “new normal,” we are in front of screens most of the day whether it’s for work, education or for information gathering. Latest studies confirming the increased headaches and aggravating those with migraines find that these health issues most likely are related to the extended time spent on screens.

Some still don’t accept the idea of connecting such symptoms to screen use however, we have a lot of customers who we have learned from over the years, attest that there is a big correlation between screen use and headaches. Instead, what we hear from the families and many recognizable corporations protecting the eyes of their employees, is that they all feel much better, more comfortable and, much safer, with Reticare on their screens.

With confinement and COVID-19 disrupting our lives during this time, it is only normal that our use of screen time is heightened. We feel it is our duty and continue to urge everyone to realize the detrimental effects screens can have on our eyes. It is also important to know that children’s future is at stake as they are being restricted from socializing to carry on with their normal activities and now spend most of their time on their electronic devices.

At Reticare, we have seen the effects of screens for a long period of time, people suffering from eye strain, dry eyes and sensitivity to intense blue light triggering headaches and migraine, among many other health issues. We also know, from years of scientific studies and experiments through our collaboration with more than 140 scientist at UCM, that prolonged screen exposure can cause irreversible retina cell damage. The issues stated here are big and can alter the lives of many for the worse. By using Reticare on our device screens, we can prevent the consequences that will disrupt our lives further.

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