You may not be aware that your children are losing their vision

You may not be aware that your children are losing their vision

New experiments presented at Cambridge University showed that, in only 3 months exposed to tablets like the ones we use every day, laboratory animals lost 23% of their retina cells. But, what does this mean?

Retina cell death is the main cause of unrecoverable blindness, as this part of the eye doesn’t regenerate. However, even with such a high percentage of damage, we do not realize that we are losing our vision. In addition, we don’t feel pain or any discomfort when retina cells are dying.

Exposure to the High-Energy Light (LED) emitted by device screens may have already caused some damage to your children’s eyes. Do not wait until the problem has grown to the point of being noticeable. Prevention is the best weapon against macular degeneration, the leading cause of permanent central vision blindness in the world. This pathology is continually increasing and appearing more and more in younger patients. It can also happen to you and to your family at any time.

Don’t take a risk with yours and your children’s vision. Use Reticare, the only proven solution that can prevent the risks of light emitted from digital screens.