How can we deal with unexpected epidemics?

How can we deal with unexpected epidemics?

As Reticare’s fundamental mission is to prevent irreversible damages to eyes caused by intense light emitted from device screens and, the fact that this is a possible epidemic risk for most eyes of screen users, we feel more impacted than others when we see the actual Coronavirus epidemic taking place in many places in the world. One of the most important works we have is to make screen users understand that being exposed to the light from screens is actually affecting their eyes and, as the potential damages are irreversible, it will change their lives dramatically. We are determined to share information that is bound to affect many people but, not many take this important and fundamental data seriously enough and put themselves in danger that will adversely impact their future. Science usually gives us time and information so that we can be proactive and take measures of prevention.

The recent Coronavirus disease caught the world by surprise. No one was alerted and the uncertainty of what will happen, how many will be affected and what will become of it is still lurking out there as we get bits and pieces of information sparingly. According to the latest reports, Coronavirus disease continues to increase rapidly, day by day, in different parts of the world. This must be taken as a serious wake-up call for all of us.

We live in an era where we are seeing things we thought would only happen in the movies or in fiction but now know that some things can happen in the real world. We have been hearing from experts for years about the possible risks of a deadly flu pandemic and yet, the majority of the population did not believe this would become an actual risk. The reality is that now we are all facing the threats of a deadly flu pandemic which can affect the entire population in a few days or a few weeks after exposure. The virus has spread rapidly and, within just a few days, 50 million people are now in quarantine. Hospitals have been ordered to be built in just 10 days to respond to this situation with urgency.

We do not know if the Coronavirus will spread so much to affect the majority of the world’s population. However, what we know is that prevention is the best weapon against most catastrophes (that is especially if we are already being informed).

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