Health in our Globalized World is at Stake

Health in our Globalized World is at Stake

These days many of us are thinking of what to do in the face of uncertainty about the recent disease we have been hearing about and wonder how we can maintain a healthier and longer life.

One of the advantages we have today is the ability to hear swiftly about the news regarding what’s happening in other places in the world, and learn from the experiences of others, to be able to address the problems more effectively. However, sometimes it is difficult to accept the realities especially if it’s not of any immediate interest to us and we maintain the idea, and in some cases unfounded, that things will fix themselves. It is not easy to admit the risk of an unpleasant and harmful future since, after all, it has not yet arrived full force. Consequently, as “we cannot put our hands on it just yet,” many of us by pass the advantage of the pause in time and don’t pay much attention to the globalization of information that science offers us we can anticipate and prevent the potential consequences in advance.

Many times we pivot between two extreme thoughts, the apocalyptic vision and excessive self-assurance that nothing will happen. However, the virtue is in the middle: To be able to act based on data which indicate the serious risks and, without being naïve, use the information to significantly reduce its impact while maintaining an attitude of confidence for the future.

We probably have a lot more to learn about how to lead this world we are crafting to be a better place than the previous. But, a lesson we should apply, perhaps, is to walk very close to the reality we are in the midst of living and act in accordance with the essential Information being offered to us.

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