Confinement and your eyes

Confinement and your eyes

With the drastic changes we must abide by due to COVID-19, our ocular life has also changed substantially. Now, we are looking at screens practically all day, from the time we wake up until the end of the day. Technology is dramatically helping us to communicate with one another, to stay active, telecommute, be informed and entertained, continuously. Even before this serious crisis happened, we were already in front of screens longer than our eyes could handle and, now, the limit our eyes can bear has far exceeded for every one using the screens much more due to the current circumstances.

The consequences include increase in headaches, eye discomfort, dry eyes, blurred vision and, what is more serious and we will not recover from, are the risks of irreversible damage to our retina. Having said that, this is not the best time to have serious eye problems, such as a retinal detachment, an effect also related to excessive screen usage.

This serious crisis is changing many things for all of us. We are already much more aware of how important prevention and being on time to act are. Also, be aware and don’t overlook the fact that it is also an important time to take care of your eyes.

Fortunately, children are the least affected by COVID-19. However, it is not the same in the case of eye damages because, children’s eyes receive more toxic light than adults as they lack the defenses which develop with age. Perhaps, they are the ones whose everyday habits changed even more so than adults because gone are the times they spent on classroom interaction, playing sports or at other extracurricular activities where their eyes had a chance to rest from screens. Now, most children are in front of screens all day and the majority of them have doubled their screen time.

At Reticare we want to send you all our support during these difficult times and we are at your disposal for whatever you need.

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