Your Eyes: A Source of Contagion

Your Eyes: A Source of Contagion

Due to the current situation, there is already a shortage to obtain adequate treatment for hospital care which is becoming difficult. The saturation of hospitals and the scarcity of beds with COVID-19 patients compel us to be more cautious of any other health risks we may be confronted with.

Now is not the time to rush to the hospitals with other ailments, such as serious vision problems. Due to the increased number of hours spent in front of toxic screens and, considering the risks that were already dangerous for the health of our eyes, the current situation pushes us to the limit, now that all of us and, especially our children, are spending much more time in front of screens.

Over the past few weeks, remote working has become a sudden reality and many people who experience headaches, itchy eyes, and dryness of the eyes also run the risk of contagion of the coronavirus pandemic because of the need to touch our eyes to mitigate these symptoms. We have seen that constant use of screens without protection substantially increases the threat of possible retinal conditions occurring, without any warning, such as retinal detachment.

Children now have also exponentially increased their time in front of screens, as they are literally, all day, using some kind of electronic device to study, to attend virtual classes or just to keep themselves occupied. Keep in mind that their eyes are more vulnerable and the young can suffer serious damages, in short-term or later in life, including possible irreversible vision loss.

At Reticare we are making a great effort to maintain our services to help you get through this period of confinement, in order to reduce any damages that can be perilous for your eyes.

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