Telecommunicating and our eyes

Telecommunicating and our eyes

The current serious health crisis has underlined the pressing need to work online from home. This represents a significant change as many companies are providing their employees the necessary resources to work from their own homes, in the best possible way. At Reticare, we have noticed a clear increase of adverse effects on vision as the use of screens are now the most utilized tool for working. In addition, screen time for most of us have grown more than ever, because previously many of us were interacting with one another face-to-face and using public places like the gym, the spa, libraries, beaches and many other public places. Right now the majority of people have replaced their everyday activities with screens, not only for work but, also to communicate with loved ones, to learn, to meet, to receive information and, moreover, replacing their leisure and pleasure time with online excursions. 

When we realize all of these changes, it is true to say that today, the most important tool that everyone uses in telecommunicating are our eyes and not a computer or devices for videoconferencing, nor our phones for that matter.

Although exposure to screens affects all users, it is important to highlight those who are already suffering from dry eyes, headaches, visual fatigue, blurred vision and those who wear prescription glasses and those who experience other visual issues. These increasingly disabling symptoms for our vision greatly add to the stress of the serious situation we are now living in.

Other worrisome groups with serious eye problems include those who have had a retinal detachment, those recently undergone eye surgery, have glaucoma or pressure in the eye and those with some kind of a retinal problem, such as macular degeneration and other. These individuals may see a serious increase in their condition, as a result of exposure to the enormous amount of harmful light emitted from screens, if using them without adequate protection.

Especially now, under the unusual times we are living in, no one wants to deal with a serious incident concerning their eyes like retinal detachment or similar eye problems, because this is the worst time to experience any issues with our eyes.

For this reason, many companies and professionals are now realizing that they must urgently protect their eyes and equip their devices with Reticare eye protectors. Internationally patented Reticare is the unique method that has been scientifically tested and proven to be effective against retinal cell death in animals and in reduction of dry eyes in humans.

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