Five Reflections on the Pandemic to Think through

Five Reflections on the Pandemic to Think through

1. We must pay much more attention to science

Scientific studies have been warning us of the risk that is now affecting our lives for years but, they were not given the proper attention. If we had followed these forecasts, the damage would have been much less.

2. Let's not blur the real problem

At the beginning of the crisis, fighting Fear was the main focus instead of focusing on fighting the real risk. While Fear can be a very strong tool for risk prevention, an irrational fear can be an enemy, blurring human logic which can be counter-intuitive, causing us to harder recognize the real problem at hand.

3. Do not think what happens to others will not happen to you

Almost always, in the first instance, we tend to think that what happens to others will not happen to us. The virus first originated in China so, many people easily fell into the thought that if they are not Chinese it will not affect them the same way. But the whole world saw otherwise. The initial reaction (a natural defense), in this case, became a hindrance to properly assess the situation.

4. Time is of the essence, especially when it is your health

Time is crucial in preventing any type of damage to health. The sooner a health problem is recognized and treated, almost always, it means reducing damage. Conversely, being late in time usually has no benefit and increases the intensity of the outcome.

5. Failure to act has consequences

We tend to think that we are only responsible for our own actions. In this case, not acting has serious consequences. If we are not protecting ourselves and not changing our habits, it can have serious effects not only on ourselves but also on others.

Surely this situation has given us many more reflections on life. What is truly important and how we can face our future are among the lessons we are learning as we go through the crisis. Here, we only wanted to put a few of them on the table.

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