Are the Eyes of Children and the Young being pushed to the limit?

Are the Eyes of Children and the Young being pushed to the limit?

With confinement, as parents, most of us are now more aware of the excessive number of hours our children and young people spend in front of electronic device screens.

Online classes, facetime, the popular Zoom gatherings and other means of digital communication with family and friends have become the “new norm of socializing”. While these type of technologies are great to satisfy our needs to work, study or meet up with people from a distance, the caveat is the substantial amount health risks, especially concerning young eyes, due to the significant increase in time spent on screens. It is inevitable to ignore the serious effects their eyes will suffer from the toxic exposure to intense light now and in the foreseeable future.

Among the effects of this toxic exposure we wanted to highlight the following visual discomforts people usually feel or experience:

• Headaches

• Difficulty to sleep

• Itchy eyes

• Photophobia

• Blurry vision

• Dry Eyes

However, the most dangerous effects from overexposure to the intense light, especially children and young who are more vulnerable than adults, are those effects we do not feel, or pinpoint with any of the symptoms noted above.

*It is important to note that, using the same device, the amount of blue light a child’s eyes receive per hour can be twice that of an adult, which may permanently harm their vision in the future.

A few questions to think about might be: *If your eyes received twice the amount of toxic light in front of screens like the young, what do you think might happen to your eyes?

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