COVID 19 Pandemic: New findings - Key portal of entry, the Eyes

COVID 19 Pandemic: New findings -  Key portal of entry, the Eyes

The very difficult current situation regarding COVID-19 has not yet been overcome and, if the current reality has taught us anything, it is to be very prudent about underestimating the risks.

Reticare has had unprecedented success among the population during these months. While in confinement, spending so many hours in front of screens, most people have become aware of adverse effects of blue light that can alter not only their eye health but their overall health

The trend in opening businesses, returning to school and relaxation of socializing also pose great challenges. Recently, the WHO began to recommend protecting the eyes is just as important, if not more, than wearing masks. The latest study, published by The Lancet on behalf of the WHO, concludes that social distancing, use of masks and eye protection are key in reducing the spread of the contagion

More alarming is a second study, also published by The Lancet, which verifies for the first time in-vivo, the differences in the capacity of contagion between SARS-CoV, which only infected 8,096 people in the world in 2002, and SARS-CoV-2, which caused the current pandemic that has already infected more than 7 million people, in the bronchi, lungs and conjunctiva.

It is also particularly important to recognize the results of studies which clearly indicate that this new virus has the capacity to spread through the eyes. In figure 1* of this article you can visually see the differences in the spread of the virus, in the outer eye tissue. These findings seriously effect screen users in two ways. The first is the direct impact of the floating droplets entering the eyeball and secondly, what is probably more important, is the risk from touching the eye, which unquestionably happens at a higher rate, while using screens without Reticare. The light emitted from screens irritates the eye and the user, unconsciously touches or rubs the eyes frequently, not realizing that this action to lubricate the eyes actually increases the risk of transmitting the virus. Reticare has been shown to be effective against the irritation, especially in helping soothe the condition of dry eyes that occur inevitably, when using screens. Simply by using Reticare, incomplete blinking, the main cause of dry eyes, is normalized.

That's why we wanted to share with you our "COVID 19 Commitment" program which aims to inform everyone, especially parents and families, to be aware of the need for eye protection while using screens.

Source: The Lancet Respiratory Medicine

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