Impairment of our vision is worsening recent study shows

Impairment of our vision is worsening recent study shows

A new report confirms, when looking at device screens, we are affecting our vision seriously, accelerating especially during the last few months

Some thought-provoking data from the *study, conducted with 2,500 participants, shows:

• Seven out of every ten adolescents (77.4%) between the ages of 12 and 19, have suffered a change in their visual acuity in recent months

• One in ten adolescents has been prescribed glasses (7.7%) or contact lenses (2.4%) for the first time

• Nearly five out of ten adults (47.2%) over 40 have had a change in visual acuity during this same period

• From those surveyed, 60.2% claim to have overused their eyesight and, as a result, more than half (51.2%) think that their vision is now different than previous

More than likely, the results here may be because of increased time people are spending on devices in the recent months. It is also important to note, according to the studies conducted in the past several years, spending too much time in front of screens have been affecting the whole human visual system, especially the retina.

Ongoing studies by the scientific community regarding the visual well-being of population specify while the receptors of the retina allow us to see the world as it is, when one of its cells dies, it cannot recover. The best thing to do to reduce retinal damages and maintain your vision is prevention. Reticare, when used on devices, has been scientifically proven to reduce the harmful effects of screens, which cause irreversible damages to the cells of the retina.

*Full data from the study will be released next week.

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