Reticare products references
RETICARE Reference/Part Number Works With
352P-9660-B-US iPhone 6/6s/7/7s/8/8s
352P-9661-B-US iPhone 6/6s/7/7s/8/8s plus
352P-9662-B-US iphone 6/7/ samsungA3 and others VISUAL 4.7"
352P-9663-B-US iphone 6/7/8plus/ LGG4 /Huawei and others 5.5"
352P-9610-B-US Iphone XS/X /11pro
352P-9612-B-US IphoneXS MAX/11MAX
352P-9613-B-US Iphone XR/11
352P-3500-B-US universal phone cover 6x3" (can be trimmed to size if needed)
352P-8607-B-US 5.1" samsung gal s5/s6/s7 / HuaweiP10 and others Visual screen
352T-9690-B-US Ipad 2,3,4 black
352T-8611-B-US RETICARE 10.1" samsung tab A and others (5.35" W X 8.54" H)
352T-3500-B-US1 Reticare for Tablet Universal 7"X10" (can be trimmed to size if needed)
352T-9669-B-US Apple ipad mini 7.9" visual
352T-0213-B-US Apple ipad mini 7.9" black
352T-9609-B-US Apple ipad10.5" and others [8.4" W x 6.3" H]
352T-9666-B-US Ipad 12.9" blk
352T-9667-B-US Ipad 12.9" VISUAL
352T-0303-B-US SURFACE PRO 3/4
352L-9604-B-US MACBOOK AIR 11.6"
352L-9670-B-US Laptop/Macbook 12"
352L-9602-B-US MACBOOK 13.3" 11.26"x7"
352L-9606-B-US MACBOOK 15.4" 13"x8.19"
352L-0213-B-US Macbook 13.3"[16:9] 11.54"x6.5"
352L-0215-B 15.6" laptop 13.54"x7.56"
352L-3501-B 17.3" laptop 15.08"x8.48"
352L-3501-A 17.3" ANTI GLARE laptop
352M-0121-B 21.5" monitor 18.74"x10.54"
352M-0121-A 21.5" monitor 18.74"x10.54"ANTIGLARE
352M-0124-B 24" monitor (16:9) 20.91"x11.74"
352M-0124-A 24" monitor (16:9) 20.91"x11.74"ANTIGLARE
352M-0224-B 24" monitor (16:10)20.35"x12.72"
352M-0224-A 24"monitor(16:10) 20.35"x12.72" ANTIGLARE
352M-9601-B 27"monitor 23.58"x13.27"
352M-9601-A 27"monitor 23.58"x13.27"ANTIGLARE