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The light from the screens are TOXIC for your eyes. This is a proven in-vitro and in-vivo problem, the high intensity light generated by LED screens can damage the retina even in moderate use.

Reticare is the only solution that has proven scientifically that can reduce risks very intensely.
* Photomontage performed to explain the magnifying image.

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With Central CENTRAL BLINDNESS you can’t:


Watch TV

Recognize People


Reticare recommends the application of Reticare eye protectors on all of your screens to reduce the toxicity of light that can adversely affect your eye health.

Eye protector


Eye protector


Eye protector


Eyes protector


More than 400,000 people are already protected with Reticare.

New findings 2017

Recent worldwide media reports of this problem

As seen on the Daily Mail Home Page: Experts warn that screens from electronic devices could cause partial blindness.

The science

A new study confirms, once again, the risks of light from device screens, especially for children.

A recent research by the University of London has shown that the use of tablets by children between the ages of six months and three years reduce their sleep hours disturbingly.  The result of the study specifically states for each hour children spent on the screen, their night-time sleep was reduced by 26 minutes and they took longer to fall asleep.


Join the new trend of technology

Reticare is the worldwide leader in eye protection against high-energy light emitted from screen displays to prevent significant risks to your vision. 400,000 people already use the only eye protector endorsed by the scientific community.

About Our Company

Reticare is based on 15 years of research led by the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM)

Reticare is a young, contemporary company with a big mission: saving the world from a global vision crisis. Reticare is one of the worldwide main players and advisor for many governments and institutions on the topic of prevention from the risks of high energy light emitted from device screens.

Protects from retina damage

Reduces the risks of early onset central vision blindness

Reduces sleep disorders

with Reticare you sleep longer and better, improving your focus at work

Scientifically proven

Reticare's evidence is documented in more than 120 studies