Reticare USA | The Problem
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The Problem

The light on the screens is TOXIC for your eyes

Why is it so serious?

In-vitro experiments with human retinal cells and animal experiments in different parts of the world indicate that light from screens, even with short exposure time, kills the cells of the retina.

Children and adolescents are much more at risk than adults.

Due to the massive use of screens and the fact that macular degeneration or central blindness is seriously disabling and incurable, it poses this problem as one of the most important for society as a whole.

All users of screens are at high risk, but especially:

Children and teenager

Patients with eye problems, especially retina

Digital workers

Elderly people


Experiments in animals and cells warn of a possible connection between macular degeneration and light from the screens. Macular Degeneration is irreversible and degenerative and prevents from its early stages reading, driving, recognizing people, watching television, watching a game, etc.

Latest human data:

Millions of people already suffer from eye fatigue, dry eyes, photophobia, etc. by the use of screens. Many ophthalmologists comment on the age decrease in the appearance of cataracts and there may already be cases of macular degeneration associated with the use of screens, however epidemiological studies have not yet been published.

In the latest study published by a group of prestigious ophthalmologists in Taiwan suggest the possible existence of cases.

Put a solution to this very serious problem