Reticare USA | The Solution
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The Solution

Put Solution to the Problem

Reticare is the only solution that has scientifically demonstrated that it can reduce risks very intensely.

It has been conclusively demonstrated in experiments in retinal and in-vivo cells that the use of Reticare applied on the screen reduces the light damage of the screens almost completely.

The Reticare eye protection sheet is placed on the screens and absorbs excess shortwave light that damages the retina.

The best team of multidisciplinary researchers (+100 researchers) who have demonstrated to anticipate these risks in recent years has led to Reticare, the only real solution to reduce the problem.

What you will feel:

A decrease in eye fatigue

Sleep better after using at night

Read better

Increase visual comfort

Who collaborates with Reticare:

Dr. Celia Sánchez-Ramos and her team from the Complutense University of Madrid, Nobel Prize in Medicine, Nobel Prize in Physics, Former President, world leader in technology known to all, RCC-Harvard
Ophthalmologists, ophthalmologists and optometrists worried about the situation.

Products to be protected of:


Eye protector


Eye protector


Eye protector


Eye protector

Put a solution to this very serious problem