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Reticare | Protege tus ojos de las emisiones de luz tóxica
Protector ocular para dispositivos electrónicos
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PROTECT YOUR FAMILYReticare is the only eye protector for electronic devices






iPhone 5 - 5S and 5C


Universal Smartphone


Universal Tablet


iPad 2,3,4


Laptop 15.6 inches (16:9)


Laptop 17.3 inches (16:9)


Monitor 19 inches (16:10)


Monitor Universal XL

What are the  benefits of reducing exposure to blue light?

Reduces Sleep Disorder

Reduces sleep disorder caused by over exposure from LED screens

It protects the retina from overexposure of blue light

Decreases the risks of ocular diseases

It decrease visual fatigue and computer eye syndrome caused by screens

Headaches, dry eyes, eye irritation, etc

Especially important for children and Young adults to be protected

Children and young adults lack the natural protective barrier that is development with time

12 Years Worth of Research

more than 150,000 products sold world-wide

According to research led by


Complutense University of Madrid


Dr. Celia Sánchez-Ramos


Electronic devices powered by LED could damage the retina in an irreversible manner. In-vitro tests have shown that when LED light is exposed to the retina for 36 hours using a circadian cycle the cells in the retina sustain damage.

It has been proven that when you place the Reticare protective sheet over electronic devices screens the survival rates of retina cells increase up to 83%.


years of research




Organizations involved


Scientific publications


Apoptosis (Cell Death)

Without protection

Apoptosis (Cell Death)

With protection
What is Reticare?
  1. Reticare is the only ocular protective sheet that reduces the emission of blue light; it is easily installed on your tablet screen and smartphones. In addition to being an ocular protective sheet it protects your electronic devices from scratches and is 100% tactile.

  2. There are specific models for the most popular brands of smartphones and tablets in the market. There is also a universal model that can be adapted to other less popular electronic devices.

  3. There are different levels of protection depending on age and the time spent in front of electronic devices.

  4. The product development is based on more than 12 years worth of studies conducted by scientists, optometrist, and other specialist in the fields of medicine, consumer electronics and mobile technology.
  5. Children and young adults up to the age of 25 are at a higher risk, due to the fact they lack the natural protective barrier that is developed through time.
  6. It’s a unique product in a global market. It was invented, developed and manufactured in Spain.
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